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Syazwan – 1st Winner of Jakarta Speech Competition

I didn’t actually want to participate in the Jakarta Speech Competition at first, but Mr. Graham wouldn’t take “no” for an answer (he probably would but I’d have to argue with him). The whole experience was actually daunting at first, I was competing against about 50 competitors from other schools in Jakarta. The whole day was intense, and I never actually thought that I would win. The main challenge I noticed that was faced by every contestant was not only to try and catch the reader’s attention, but also maintaining it. I kept on having second thoughts on whether or not I should try and think of a unique way to do my speech. Eventually, when it was finally my turn, that’s when it all flowed out of me naturally. I walked awkwardly on stage and put the mic on my hand, and for some reason, my inner instincts suddenly triggered me to sing “Hello, it’s me” (sang with the tune of Adele’s song – Hello), and that’s how I got the audience’s attention. After that, I just presented my speech while erratically moving here and there. I squatted, hopped, and used aggressive hand gestures everywhere. The main key, though, was to not be able to see the audience clearly, so I did that by tossing my glasses to the side! (The lenses came off but I managed to put it back). I believe that I didn’t just win because of all the hard work I put into memorizing and refining my presentation, I believe that my victory was mainly because of the endless support I got from my fellow friends who were also contestants that time. So shout-out to Adinda, Zahra and Edwin for helping me with improving the way I present and also providing emotional support. And of course, I’d like to thank Mr. Graham for teaching me the way to construct an effective, persuasive and impressive speech!

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    My experience in Youth Leaders’ Summit

    My experience in the BINUS Youth Leaders’ Summit was extraordinary as many unanticipated events took place in the span of three days. Firstly, I encountered many different individuals who presented different ideas on significant issues that are happening in our country, Indonesia and inspired me in many ways.
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    Learner Profile of The Month: Principled

    This month, we continue to explore the Learner Profile attributes with a particular focus on being principled. One of the greatest struggles that each person is faced with is finding the balance between being opportunistic and standing by their principles.
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    Book Donation to SDN01 Pagi Ragunan

    On Wednesday 20 March, Year 4 students went on a field trip to visit a neighbouring school in Ragunan. The purpose of the visit was to deliver books the school had purchased with the money raised during the Read-a-thon.