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News and Events

Primary Student-Led Conferences

Yesterday we were welcoming our Primary parents to attended the Student-led conference.
A student-led conference is a meeting in which students demonstrate responsibility for their academic performance by leading their parents through a review of their work as well as demonstrating newly-acquired skills and understanding. The students lead the conference by presenting work samples, sharing their academic and personal goals, discussing their overall strengths and weaknesses, and answering questions posed by their parents.

The day of the conference, students will invite their parents into their classroom and lead the conference using a prepared agenda. Students will be covering the following areas: the Unit of Inquiry, Language, Maths, Portfolios & Goal-Setting, and Bahasa Indonesia. In addition, parents also given the chance to visit the Single-Subject teachers (Music, PE, Swimming, and Library) in order to learn more about their curriculum through a student-led conference.

What we have in ACG School Jakarta might not be the traditional parent-teacher conference. Students will be running the conferences, with teachers acting as facilitators. During the conference students leads their parents through all curricular areas and also addressing strengths and areas for development through individual goal setting. As a school we think this is the best way to show our parents the outcome of their children learning directly from them.

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    ACG Orcas Big Win in Aqua Dragons Open

    Congratulations to our Orcas Swim Team for their achievements at the recent Aqua Dragons Open. This competition is one of the top meets with the best swimmers from international schools and clubs in Jakarta and Indonesia.
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    IBDP Visual Art Exhibition

    ACG School Jakarta’s first IBDP Visual Art Exhibition was held on Wednesday evening, 13 March 2019.
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    Personalised Language Programme Benefits Students

    More than 60 students in Years 2-11 are benefiting from a personalised English Language Support (ELS) programme at ACG School Jakarta that has helped hundreds of students acquire valuable language skills over the years.