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Our IBDP students continue to shine


Students from our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBPD) have just received their final marks for 2021 – and their results have led to excellent university offers for our new graduates.

After an incredibly challenging year, the hard work, focus and enthusiasm of our Year 13 IBDP cohort has certainly been rewarded. Despite the past 18 months being entirely taught via remote learning and online lessons, the International Baccalaureate has confirmed our students received an average score of 34 points.

Additionally, one-third of our students were awarded 40 points or more, performing well above the world average. While at the same time, one-fifth of students received a bilingual diploma.

Our IBDP results illustrate how our nurturing environment and quality teaching (including online, hybrid and face-to-face lessons) provide an excellent platform for students to become global citizens who achieve at the highest level.

Our student’s success is also reflected in the phenomenal interest shown in them by universities worldwide, particularly in the UK. At present, a majority of our students are enjoying a multiple offer situation, with as many as six international universities vying for their attention.

Previous ACG School Jakarta IBDP graduates have gone on to study at top universities around the world. And many of our current Year 13 students have now accepted offers from universities in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Their planned fields of study are as varied as the students themselves. They include Economics, Psychology, Engineering, Business & Management, Finance, Political Science, Marketing, International Media & Communication Studies, and International Relations.

Given this diversity in both career aspirations and overseas destinations, at ACG School Jakarta, we encourage our students to find their ‘best fit’ university as they proceed to tertiary study. We work closely with each student to help them align their areas of interest and career goals with the right pathways to achieve these. This means that our IBDP cohorts’ progression to university is not always focused on Ivy League schools but on those offering the courses and degrees that best fit their needs.

Since the introduction of the IBDP at ACG School Jakarta only three years ago, we have seen continued growth and improvement across our students’ scores, rising from an average of 30 points in 2019 to our current 34-point average. As a non-selective school, this 13.3% increase is an exceptional outcome.

Supported and guided throughout the IBDP studies by our dedicated teachers and our Vice Principal and IBDP Coordinator Richard Todd, the ongoing success of our students is a true testament to the efforts of our entire ACG community.

About the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
Offering a challenging pre-university course of study, the IDBP emphasises the importance of independent learning. This degree of autonomy enables Year 12 and 13 students to gain confidence in their own abilities while developing effective self-management, study and time management skills. These valuable lessons provide students with a significant head-start over their peers and allow IBDP graduates to easily transition to tertiary study and their careers beyond the classroom.

International Baccalaureate qualifications are recognised and respected by leading tertiary institutions and employers globally, creating countless opportunities for students to succeed on the international stage.

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