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News and Events

National Examination (UNBK) for Year 13 and Year 10

ACG School Jakarta take part in a Computer-Based Test for National Examination (UNBK) for Year 13 on 9-12 April and Year 10 on 23-26 April. This academic year we had our inaugural CBT for the National Examination in upper secondary. ACG Jakarta had one candidate from Year 13 and five candidates from Year 10 that took the CBT for the National Examination. The examination took place over the course of four days in the computer lab and was supervised by appointed teachers from different national high schools in the area.

This test is optional for Indonesian students, and it is compulsory for ACG School Jakarta, as a school in Indonesia, to organize it. We provide extra lessons for the students who are taking the examination. As a school, we try to accommodate and help our students with their choice of subjects and tests that could support them in the future.

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    My experience in Youth Leaders’ Summit

    My experience in the BINUS Youth Leaders’ Summit was extraordinary as many unanticipated events took place in the span of three days. Firstly, I encountered many different individuals who presented different ideas on significant issues that are happening in our country, Indonesia and inspired me in many ways.
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    Learner Profile of The Month: Principled

    This month, we continue to explore the Learner Profile attributes with a particular focus on being principled. One of the greatest struggles that each person is faced with is finding the balance between being opportunistic and standing by their principles.
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    Book Donation to SDN01 Pagi Ragunan

    On Wednesday 20 March, Year 4 students went on a field trip to visit a neighbouring school in Ragunan. The purpose of the visit was to deliver books the school had purchased with the money raised during the Read-a-thon.