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Meet Our Head Boy: Edwin

ACG School Jakarta Head Boy Edwin Firmansyah is part of the school’s first-ever IB Diploma cohort. He plans to head to Australia to study Electrical Engineering when he graduates and one day hopes to meet Elon Musk.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Head Boy Edwin Firmansyah has been at ACG for 12 years and is part of the school’s first cohort to take the IB Diploma programme.

Now in his second year, his favourite subjects are English, Physics and Mathematics and, despite the challenging workload, the in-depth study only gives him more appreciation for the course.

As a response to student demand, Edwin and Head Girl, Anisa, are collaborating with this year’s Student Council to develop the school’s first student hoodies – a parting legacy in their final year.

That’s because a leader, he says, needs to ensure that every voice is heard.

“I believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, which is why a leader needs to be responsible and aware of the wellbeing and skills of those they represent, regardless of age, background or how long they have been here. This is their school as much as it ours.”

Outside the classroom, Edwin plays football, bass, guitar and piano, and is an active member of the music department.

“ACG School Jakarta may not be the biggest school in Jakarta, but it allows vast opportunities for individuals to flourish and be recognised in their own areas of interest,” he says.

On graduating from ACG, he hopes to head back to Australia to pursue a major in Electrical Engineering at the University of New South Wales, one of the top engineering schools in Australia.

Eventually he aspires to work in a big company such as Tesla or Shell and, one day, to meet his idol Elon Musk.

“I am Indonesian, but I’ve been in an international school environment for my entire academic career,” he explains. “It has allowed me to experience a variety of cultures, principles and learning styles, which I believe has prepared me for a complex and globally connected future.”

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    Students Benefit from Bespoke Career Advice

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