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Learner Profile of The Month: Balanced

The aim of the IB PYP and DP Programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world (International Baccalaureate Organization 2013). Last month, we wrote about the IB Learner Profile attribute of being Communicators. With school holidays fast approaching, it is timely that we focus on another IB Learner Profile attribute – Balanced. As adults, we’re always trying to achieve a strong work-life balance, and for our children finding that school-life balance is just as important. You can help foster balance at home by recognising when your son or daughter might be agonising over their studies and encourage them to take a five-minute break outside to regroup. Balance is crucial for their mental and physical wellbeing, and you will no doubt see better results across all aspects of their lives. Exercise certainly isn’t an excuse to skip out on valuable study time when it is needed, but it is another component to the learning experience, to develop well-rounded individuals.

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    Providing the Right Start To Education

    Kindergarten is an important opportunity for children to make a positive start to education, says ACG School Jakarta Vice-Principal Primary, Jennifer Kesler. “It helps them build social skills, confidence and independence and shapes a foundation of literacy and numeracy skills that provide the ideal set-up for the next stages of education,” she explains.
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    JSFL 2019

    Students from ACG School Jakarta participate in the Jakarta Schools Football League. The JSFL is the largest football competition in Indonesia, with more than 200 teams from around 60 schools participating in this event.
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    Learner Profile of The Month: Inquirers

    Inquiry is at the heart of teaching and learning at ACG School Jakarta. Inquirers develop their natural curiosity.