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News and Events

Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives affords students opportunities to ask essential questions, recognize patterns of behaviour, think critically, create solutions, predict outcomes and draw conclusions to help them learn to solve problems. Students have been specifically focusing on developing skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication which have provided experiences to reinforce gained knowledge and understanding in other subjects.

Topics at the beginning of Semester 2 have included Poverty and Inequality, which required Year 7 students to reflect on issues of equality, justice and responsibility, resulting in a greater understanding of many of the difficulties confronting others who are less fortunate. Education for All has been the opening topic for Year 8, providing students with learning experiences to further develop research skills and communicate their findings to their peers. Year 9 students have been studying child labour from the past till the present and comparing the exploitation of children from both eras. Students will be required to offer possible solutions to force companies to eradicate child labour.

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    Providing the Right Start To Education

    Kindergarten is an important opportunity for children to make a positive start to education, says ACG School Jakarta Vice-Principal Primary, Jennifer Kesler. “It helps them build social skills, confidence and independence and shapes a foundation of literacy and numeracy skills that provide the ideal set-up for the next stages of education,” she explains.
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    JSFL 2019

    Students from ACG School Jakarta participate in the Jakarta Schools Football League. The JSFL is the largest football competition in Indonesia, with more than 200 teams from around 60 schools participating in this event.
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    Learner Profile of The Month: Inquirers

    Inquiry is at the heart of teaching and learning at ACG School Jakarta. Inquirers develop their natural curiosity.