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First Week of Year 4 Students

Here are a few glimpses of the first week for Year 4 students. To get to know each of their new classmates, they completed survey questions. They found that all of them are right-handed, could all point out Brunei on a world map and all knew someone who was born in Asia. Students were wonderful risk-takers by sharing their prior knowledge and strategies with peers. They also enthusiastically participated in Bahasa lessons. Looking forward to the weeks ahead. We are sure it will be a fun year!

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    IBDP Visual Art Exhibition

    ACG School Jakarta’s first IBDP Visual Art Exhibition was held on Wednesday evening, 13 March 2019.
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    Personalised Language Programme Benefits Students

    More than 60 students in Years 2-11 are benefiting from a personalised English Language Support (ELS) programme at ACG School Jakarta that has helped hundreds of students acquire valuable language skills over the years.
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    Collaboration in Science

    IGCSE Biology students recently worked with the Year 5 students to teach them about genetics and the structure of DNA. The Year 10 students designed a lesson that included a presentation and exciting DNA model building activity.