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ACG School Jakarta

Known for delivering excellence in education, ACG School Jakarta provides
opportunities for students to grow in a progressive, dynamic and
values-driven environment, from Kindergarten to Year 13.

With our global focus and an emphasis on academic achievement, our students enjoy the benefits of world-class teaching from specialist educators to become creative, innovative problem solvers and advanced critical thinkers. Our holistic and personalised approach treats every student as an individual, ensuring they reach their highest potential during their time with us and are well prepared for life beyond.

While our campus is temporarily closed in line with the Government’s nationwide lockdown, our priority is to make sure our students can continue learning supported by their teachers and alongside their classmates and peers. By moving to live online lessons across every year level, our full e-curriculum and virtual classroom environment ensures students will not miss out on a moment of their studies.

  • Open for learning

    We are committed to maintaining our world-class teaching standards across all online learning programmes at all year levels. Our focus remains on ensuring that the lessons and activities we deliver through our virtual classrooms are of the highest-quality and reflective of what we would do every day at school.

    Our interactive and collaborative virtual environment has been designed to keep our students motivated and engaged as they work through this new style of school day. Our lesson plans, accompanying documents and video sessions are clear and easy to understand, and students have quickly adapted to this digital format, enjoying online learning as their studies proceed at pace.

  • Let's keep learning

    Delivering excellence across education in accordance with the wellbeing of our students, is our first priority at ACG School Jakarta and this is reflected in our virtual classroom environment. Our online learning programmes are proving to be a great success due to our emphasis on two core elements that we believe make us such an outstanding school.

    Firstly, the live student-teacher interaction which is fundamental to all pupils making progress and achieving their full potential.

    Secondly, the desire to maintain our personalised learning approach that treats every student as an individual and supports them pastorally and academically at all times.

  • Parents love our virtual classrooms

    We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive feedback parents continue to share about our interactive virtual school environment.

    “I would just like to express the gratitude and praise for past weeks of home-school organization by ACG school. The amount and quality of work done was exceptional. Kids actually enjoyed and had no big issues. The routine and discipline remained the same throughout the whole period.” – Ksenija K.

    “Just a quick note to thank you and your colleagues for managing this unprecedented situation so well. Our boys have enjoyed the online classes, and their teachers have been fantastic. One more reason why we are happy to be part of the ACG community!” – Andrew T.

    “The quality of the online teaching has been phenomenal and the dedication of you [Principal Shawn Hutchinson] and your colleagues during this difficult time is both admirable and remarkable.” – Paul and Maggie G.

  • Supportive environment

    Our well-established pastoral care system provides active support based on strong ties between family and school.

    We are dedicated to ensuring every child is equipped for success, and place a strong emphasis on inquiry, investigation and experiential discovery which allows students to be at the forefront of their learning in creative, meaningful and authentic ways.

    Additionally, we offer a robust English Language Support (ELS) programme which has been designed to aid language acquisition and help students achieve their best at school, both socially and academically.

  • Preparing students for the future

    Our curriculum is designed to prepare and challenge young people in a fast-moving global environment. We pride ourselves on building brighter futures and developing forward-thinking, knowledgeable and caring individuals who become leaders and contributors to the worldwide community.

    ACG School Jakarta is part of ACG Schools, an organisation operating six world-class independent schools in Indonesia, Vietnam and New Zealand. ACG students have received over 395 Cambridge Top in the World and Top in Country awards since 1994.

  • Holistic learning

    Our nurturing academic environment maximises enjoyment and inspires students to become lifelong learners. We focus on the needs of the individual, with personalised  programmes of study that reflect each student’s ability and background to provide the best possible learning outcomes.

    Our dedication to developing the individual is also reflected in our co-curricular activities, including a wide range of performing and fine arts, sporting, cultural and leadership opportunities.

  • Empowering students

    We value teamwork as a way of developing a love of learning. Our dedicated group of professional educators reflect international best practice in all they do, empowering our students with a wide range of skills, abilities and an entrepreneurial mindset to ensure they reach their highest potential and are well prepared for the future.

    We also offer International Baccalaureate scholarships to high-achieving Indonesian students who demonstrate outstanding academic potential. Please contact us for further details on how to apply.

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