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About Kindergarten and Primary Education

At ACG School Jakarta, we believe in educating the whole child. In addition to the core subject areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, we provide education in visual arts, music, physical education, and Bahasa Indonesia, with a focus on developing communication, social, thinking, self-management, and research skills. This is accomplished through a transdisciplinary approach, whereby concepts are taught together, rather than in isolation.

Our Kindergarten programme, for students aged two to five, lays the foundation for our Primary school. Students in Kindergarten are provided with a wide range of experiences to help them learn about the world around them. The experiences students engage in allow them to explore concepts and ideas through play, inquiry, and cooperation with others. Our Kindergarten programme focuses on supporting children to achieve their full potential by developing social skills, self-awareness and respect, emotional skills, independence, and early language, literacy, and numeracy skills. It also focuses on developing self-esteem and confidence that will help your child prepare for Primary school.

We believe that children learn English best through immersion, therefore, students are taught in English and encouraged to speak in English with their teachers and peers. Research shows that immersion is the single most effective method for learning a new language, particularly with younger children. The physical environment of our Primary school supports learning in a variety of ways. The size and arrangement of classroom furniture is age-appropriate and designed with safety in mind. We offer specific areas in and outside of the classroom, such as dramatic play and art areas, that are established to guide children in their exploration.

We believe that using open-ended materials supports individual and social play; stimulates imagination and inquiry; and encourages natural exploration of a child’s environment. In order to provide a comfortable environment that promotes responsible use of classroom resources, we introduce learning materials gradually and in a progressive sequence.

Students transition into Primary school beginning in Year 1, where they continue to participate in play-based learning, along with an introduction to formal reading, writing, and mathematics instruction. As students progress through the year levels, we maintain our inquiry-based and concept-based philosophy. Learning mostly happens within the context of the Programme of Inquiry, with many subject areas integrated into the Units of Inquiry. Our aim is to create critical thinkers who are open-minded, reflective, and curious about learning.